CHICO'S HOPE - Click on the book if you like.

CHICO'S HOPE - Click on the book if you like.
Based on a true story about our disabled Jack Russell who was in a shelter for two years and never gave up hope of finding a forever home.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Dogs, Millinnials, and Home Buying!

These days Millennials (ages 18-36), seem to like their technology, their fast casual dining, and their dogs! They love their fur babies so much that dogs beat out expecting a baby or having one already, upcoming marriage, or marriage.This is according to a recent survey done by CEO and Sun Trust Mortgage President, Dorinda Smith. Only two things came before dogs. More living space, and building equity.
Pet ownership is what millennials are deciding on before getting married and starting a family these days. When they are looking to buy they are keeping their furry friend in mind. Yard space, if it’s fenced, and or near a dog park are all considerations more now instead of a nursery. Their dog is like treated like a family member and in many cases and can influence what they buy. Especially; when renting with a dog can be more expensive and there can be breed/weight restrictions.
We are a dog family ourselves. We have two dogs ( seen in the picture) and can understand this point of view. We love our dogs and do consider them apart of our family, so it makes perfect sense to make sure that a place one buys would take their furry family member into consideration. At least you know one thing. Dogs are so loyal that when it comes to narrowing down your choices you don’t have to worry about what they think about kitchen, as long as they’re getting fed!

Friday, August 4, 2017

And This Is Why You Don't Lose Hope!

SOMETHING AMAZING HAPPENED TODAY! (My coach urged me to share this story and so I am.) My husband and I got up early today, and I did not want to! I was exhausted from yesterday and hadn't slept well. But, it was a blessing in disguise. Let me explain why. We both have our real estate license with Keller Williams Realty Diamond Partners Inc, and he wanted us to go to a networking meeting. We were there as guests. When we had introduced ourselves my husband also pointed out that I was an author of a book. This then led to people asking what my book was about, which led me to a conversation with someone who has an autistic adult son who was adopted at the age 4. My children's book, "Chico's Hope" resonated with this father.
As many of you know my book is based on a TRUE story about our disabled Jack Russell who was waiting to be adopted for two years in a shelter. Chico never gave up hope.It's also a story of giving and how my children got Chico. This man seemed touched and hadn't even seen the book. He then put in an order of 100 books. I thought he was joking since that was his personality. He wasn't! He then offered some other help/suggestions/introductions!! This led to a conversation with someone else, that domino-ed after I left with someone else we had a meeting with, that's interested in investing in me. ME? Yes of course; there's work to be done, but you know that butterfly feeling you get that this may be IT! I had that feeling.
As I sit here in shock, and some tears I realize now that I need to stop fearing success. When all you've known is struggle, you might think you don't deserve success. You make excuses, whether legitimate or not, and then allow each day to end up like the last. I didn't have the passion for real estate because I hadn't figured out how to get my message of hope out and to help the charities I am passionate about. Today changed that. Because my husband wanted me to go with him this morning as Real Estate agents (though I didn't want to go), and because he not only said we were agents with a wonderful company ,but said I was an author, it led to peoples interest in my book. Because I got to talk about my book,(which; I have not been self promoting much, because I felt like I was bragging, plus this last year was crazy) an opportunity came out of it with other opportunities very possible. Because we got to say we wanted to come from contribution as agents we met some great people. Because this man I had never met decided to buy 100 books he hasn't even seen, he ignited conversations, he ignited my passion for charities I've been wanting to help, and it may help us help people with Real Estate needs too. Because of my husband Eric, my prayer mentor Ryan, my coach Jodi, my publisher Radion Media, and this stranger I met today, my world may be changing. A huge thank you to them, and to my dog Chico, who I lost too soon, because he is still teaching me about Hope!


Friday, May 5, 2017

Want To Hear Me Brag About Stephen King?

Listen to my podcast interview with Bookish Ventures to hear me brag about Stephen King and my book, "Chico's Hope!" Also, for two weeks only you can download my book for JUST .$99! Just go to and search Children's Book Chico's Hope!

Monday, May 1, 2017

What Do I Think About Marriage???

considering that Im still martied to my high school sweetheart for for 21 years it may be worth reading about here! (Click to read the article and see a recent oicture of my husband and I.) Radion Media Inc.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

My Interview With PawAbilities

PawAbilities is a company that employs people with disabilities. They are based in Olathe, Kansas and are also apart of Inclusion Connections. They make homemade dog treats, toys, and bow ties.You can order from them too at My dogs love them! I enjoyed my time with them and will be going back. I also got to share my children's book,"Chico's Hope" with them. It was first interview in a while. I was a little nervous, and so were some of them.  It's ok though. At the end we are smiling and striking a pose!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Anxiety and a Dog

Do you have anxiety? Do you know somebody who does? Dogs can be both comforting for people with anxiety and helpful. They can detect when your breathing has changed. Service dogs can be expensive with a waiting list. Though, they can be taught to get somebody for a person having a panic attack, bring a phone, or go get help you may not have the money or time to wait to get one. Having a dog as a companion in general can help with anxiety. Having them lick you in the face when you start to feel anxious can help. Bringing them close to your body and hugging them can help.Dogs can distract you, which can help with anxiety in general.Many love to play ball. My dog Red, is a ballaholic! Is your dog trainable? At a lesser cost you might be able to have a trainer work with your dog to come to you when your breathing changes due to anxiety, and perform a task such as licking you in the face, or bringing you the phone or water bottle. They wouldn't be considered a trained service dog though unless going through complete training.Of course; if you have acute anxiety you would want to speak to a medical professional about a service dog, but in general dogs provide emotional support and studies shown they can lower our stress levels.Our fur babies love us unconditionally, and not only bring us love and joy, but can help our health too.!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Sayonara 2016!

Did we really like 2016? My year ended well, but like many I am over 2016! My favorite part would be my book coming out. Duh!! Other than that accomplishment, the year had more downs than ups for many. I'd say my year ended on a high note and want to continue the momentum.  Politics were horrible, and news I can mostly live without. It's mostly negative news anyway. I'm not bitter. I'm open to a new year of possibilities. I'm positive, and ready for a NEW Year. 2017, I welcome you!
I already did something new today. I started a Twitter account. I can almost hear people laughing at me. I'm a little behind, but I made a go of it. I have to admit I'm not great at social media. ( I'll be working to improve my blog this new year too.) I will also, organize my life better. People think I'm O.C.D, but, it's not with everything. Not with my life. I have many plates spinning in the air.Yes, the year 2016 was chaotic for me. My New Years Resolution will be to schedule, plan, and organize my life and that includes social media! Statistically, I probably have a better chance of running in a Marathon.(I hate exercise!) Oh no, wait! I like walks. That's an exercise. Yes, I can be random. My friend calls it, "Oh look, a chicken!' syndrome. Apparently, I do it a lot.
Well, 2016 you're in my rear view mirror! Sayonara! What was your favorite part of 2016?